Guide dog and furry friend

Sarge is an extended member of the team and provides both comfort and calm to many members. He absolutely loves to be fussed and will happily befriend anyone who wants to give him a cuddle. Whilst he is an impeccable working guide dog, ensuring Laura is safe whilst out and about, when he’s not working, he can be a bit cheeky! When Laura is out of sight, he has been known to go for a little wander in Dial House and whilst this is a lovely surprise for some who get a warm, furry greeting it can cause a stir if he takes it a bit further than a friendly hello. You see Sarge is partial to a biscuit or two! Not Sarge’s fault, he has a condition that means he is always hungry, so if he finds anything edible on his travels, he can’t help but gobble it up! So, if you ever come to see us at Dial House, make sure you NEVER leave your sandwiches unattended!